Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tea with the Horsmans

I have been abit slack getting this Blog up as the pics were on my phone instead of my camera, but I just have to Blog about going to the Horsmans for tea last week. Jared and Jacquie always have me over for tea when I'm down, I think it may have something to do with harrassing me about finding a wife and letting them know a date so they can come to Sydney. haha.

This time I needed to earn my keep, that morning the washing machine had broken down, so Jacquie had to wait for Jared to come home to see if he could fix it. We had a go before tea, but had to end up having another go afterwards.

President Horsman thought he'd had this problem before, so had a spare part for it already to go.

As with all good repair men, what good is fixing something if you don't have spare parts over? We had screwed it all back together and then found out we had two more parts left, at least next time the pres knows where they are from.
A water leak was an easy fix, but it still made us think we'd stuffed the job

After setting the washing machine back up, we ran the clothes through and the rinse cycle didnt seem to be working, so I sat on the couch while Jared watched what was happening as we were afraid it was filling up again and would overflow. After awhile it seemed to just rinse, and by this time Jacquie was back from basketball, so we called it off. Guess what though, the rinse cycle was supposed to be a deep one and so we had sat around looking for ages for no apparent reason. haha. Gave the pres a chance to chat with me though. Thanks for Tea guys, love seeing you

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Kylie's blog said...

Hmmm - was going to ask you to come and fix my washing machine that doesn't spin most days but umm - I know you are busy on your last few days and, well - I can live without having bits left over!!!!