Saturday, May 16, 2009

A night with the Watsons

I finally caught up with all of my brothers and sisters this week, I'd seen Nicki, when I dropped into sacrament the 1st day I got down, but hadn't seen them all since, so I went down for tea with Her and Alex and the kids.

I have an uncle who says that Ulverstone is nice one day and beautiful the next, but it wasn't this day, kinda cold and overcast, but I guess it could do with this time of year.

Nicki and Maddi cooking up a feast, Maddi had to do her own Mushroom

Little Alex surveying the scene

Alex looking for something? Lol, nah, little Alex was there and he was playing around with him. It was cute how when he heard the commodore come, he went to the garage door and waited for Bigger Alex to come in.

After Eating Alex and I went to the video store and looked at some videos, luckily we agreed on a DVD none of us had seen. I think SlumDog Millionaire was pretty good, so if ur looking for a movie and havent seen it, grab it out for a watch. I ended up staying the night and it was good to catch up with you guys.


The Kings said...

We love that movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't get many movies with a happy ending do you.
I loved all the colour and the culture.
Love Mum.

Watson said...

It was good to see you Chrish I bet you're missing "whiskers". Maddi said when you left "Uncle Chrish is a good boy." Ha ha! Out of the mouths of babes!

Kylie's blog said...

Phew - am so glad you blogged and got rid of your operation site from my sidebar finally!!!!