Monday, May 18, 2009

Eddystone Point trip

Today we ended up finally going for a fishing trip, Eden and I had been talking of a fishing trip for ages, but with everything happening with my operations, we just weren't able to go when we wanted to. Jared was going to come originally, but couldn't this time around, so that was abit of a bummer as it would have been nice to spend the day with my two brothers.

When we were younger our family along with a few other families went to Eddystone point and stayed and Uncle Tom took his huge boat down there and we caught fish and he also had a crayfish pot and I remember getting a cray in it and also a huge Eel. Well Eden and my cousin Levi decided that we'd go fishing this monday and that we'd head down to Eddystone point for some crayfish and I couldnt remember where exactly it was.

I think I just about got the right light on this photo, I quite like it, probably one of my favourites for the day.

Levi, Jarom and Eden checking the layout of the land, or is that water were about to go on?

The reason I brought my car all the way from Sydney, so I could pull Levi's boat down to Eddystone point, looks like a good combination to me, a new toy perhaps in the future?

Look at this ripper, we thought all our prayers had been answered at once, when we dropped the line in and pretty quickly came up with this ripper after we were expecting some lesser known fish, that we'd chuck back

My cousin Jarom and I just waiting for Levi and Eden to bring us some Crays in

My cousin Levi, with the catch of the day, Just had to get a shot

Eden getting all setup

I didn't dive for Crays so I had some spare time on my hands to play around with the camera, so I took a bazillion shots of everything, including myself

These were the two biggest flatheads of the day, actually we only caught 4 of them all the time and had to throw one back

Levi caught this beauty, they catch Crays by diving, today we only got to keep 5 of them and had to throw about 15 back as the season is over for Female Crays

The cleanup crew, while I was out playing with my camera, the boys did all the cleaning for us

The boys, just had to get a shot of us all together

I saw the sunrise and also set and it was in my eyes driving both ways, but it was pretty spectacular when it set

4am starts don't do me well, but if I was to show you the other three in the car, they were worse, they went to sleep on me. I had alot of fun just sitting round and talking and watching the boys grab all these crays and also getting to fish after it being so long. Ciao


Troncoso said...

Man, your car does look fully sick with accessories. By looking at the photos, it looks like it's easy to catch crabs down in Tazzy.

Anonymous said...

You will remember the big fishing trip for a while Chrish.
Love the photos.
Love Mum.

The Kings said...

What excellent photos Chrish!!!! Looks like a beautiful day and lots of fun.

The Triffitts said...

Love the first photo! Glad you finally got to go fishing and get some crays :)

Kylie's blog said...

Great trip. Great catch. Great photos!
Why exactly ARE you going back to the big smoke???

The Kings said...

I know Kylie - can't beat Tassie!! We keep telling him that! :)

Nettie's Blog said...

i asked you that on Sunday remember...why are you going back???? with all the fishing and the fun.( i am sure i could hook you up with a woman too if i tried hard enough,...LOL) think hard on that decision you only have a few days can change your mind... Nice to see that hunk Jarom too...havent seen him in a while..bout time he came for a visit tell him

Country/City Boy said...

Now to Answer those questions, one, fishing on mondays isn't ther norm and wouldnt get to happen. Two I have no job down here. Three, yes a girl would probably be a chance for me to move back, but that doesn't seem to be happening