Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not allowed to lift, so look what happens

I'm still on the banned list for lifting anything or doing anything strenuous at least until my insurance runs out, so today Dad went to mark some lambs and Mum wouldn't let me help, so she went outside herself.

Notice the arms wide, the feet aren't quite squared to the body though.

After a few attempts, the catch was made, notice the grimace on the faceAhh yes, the attempt made it to the keeper, notice the grin from ear to ear as the pretend farmer comes into play
Ahh, what do we have here then? (insert comment)


The Kings said...

ha ha - that is funny. Bet Mum was loving it - especially with you taking photos!

Nettie's Blog said...

i couldnt be a farmers wife for quids are so brave to do that... i love visisting the farm but when it comes time to do all the rutching, dagging and the killing ...count me out.... i would be were you are Chrish...behind the camera...

Kylie's blog said...

Ah - reminds me of my childhood - except there were a lot more expletives from my Dad as the sheep or goats escaped!!!

Anonymous said...

I aplologised to every single lamb mind you.
and thanks for the call on that Chrish.
The score was nil all for the boys.
Love Mum.