Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playing in the Snow...Brrrrrrr

I got woken up by mum this morning as there was a phone call from Eden asking if I wanted to come to the snow with them, Well I hadn't been in snow since my mission, so thought yep, we'll get out of the house. my other pics wont upload, so might be snow pics part2 soon.

It was freezing and windy up the top, so went down a little for shelter for the two kids.

Lachie got pulled by Eden and this is him trying to escape

My attempt at a snow Angel, doesn't everyone have to try one??

I must remember to get myself a pair of gloves for next time as my fingers were very numb and felt like they were about to fall off. Eden tried to hit some strangers with a snowball, but missed them, I dont think they even noticed as they were out of the car and back in with in a minute


Kylie's blog said...

Just for you mainland boy - nice weather for Agfest, snow, but lucked out on the trifecta with a Crows win!!


Anonymous said...

Brrr!! You guys are brave :) We're thinking of taking the girls up to see the snow this year too....but I bet you we'll be the family that jump back into the heated car after a second!

The Kings said...


Troncoso said...

Brother that looks like you had fun. Things to remember in the snow.
1. Eat a Snow cone
2. Pee your name in the snow
3. In a snow ball fight, always start your snow balls with a rock center. You can aim better and you can hear if you hit your target or not.
4. Don't forget your snow gloves. It makes points two and three sooo much easier to achieve.
Cheers dude Ricky.chu

The Triffitts said...

Thanks for coming Chrish. Oh and if for some insane reason you do choose to follow Ricki's advice on what to do in the snow don't eat the yellow snowcone no matter how much someone tries to tell you that it is lemon :)