Monday, May 25, 2009

Tea with the Clan

On Saturday night Mum made a decision to invite everyone out for tea, we weren't all supposed to get together until next weekend when we have a photo shoot set up for all us to get photo's done, but last night everyone came out for a roast. Luckily Steph had a roast chicken as well or we might have been having peanut and jam sandwiches with the mob that showed up.

You dont realise how many people there are in this family now until, they are all around together causing mischief. You think you have most of the kids in a picture and then another one will pop up.

We found Jay a new job for when he's older, when he's done with being the family bell ringer, perhaps he could become the village bell ringer instead.

The adults table, notice most of the guys weren't there

Eden wasn't too impressed with two people taking photos all night, notice the face. haha

Aaron hanging out with the kids and helping with Crowd control

I wonder what mischief these two little chaps are into?


Kylie's blog said...

Big family dinners are great!
Love that last photo of the boys!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun evening....I must say I do miss our big family dinners. Oh well, we make up for it when we visit the north island though :)

The Kings said...

Its all a bit crazy when we all get together hey!! Some of those photos are shocking Chrish!!