Thursday, August 14, 2008

Airline Criminal??

I had a great sleep last night after the last few nights and only getting around 4-5 hours a night because of all the ruckus in the hospital and nurses etc. A full 9 hours or close on and I was recharged for another day, not alot to be done apart from pack my bags and watch some tv. Don't you just know it, I left the bag packing until the last minute, so hopefully I haven't forgotten anything I really need. Also I left the washing up to last, but thought I'd better get that done incase I'm in Tassie for awhile, wouldn't want alot of fuzz and germs lying round. Ok there was only a couple of bowls and things to be done.

Ande picked me up and drove me to the airport, so I wouldn't need to catch a train and taxi with my bags and lug them around. I arrived with plenty of time to check in and when I got into line, there was a group of about 25 Chinese travelers altogether. Escaping the olympics or checking out a previous venue and getting tips on smog control?? I was unsure, but I couldn't quite get my gift of tongues working to understand their language and tune on in. I checked 2 bags and took my mighty crows backpack with me, with my goodies for the flight down, after going through security, I made it through with no problem, but the backpack was held captive by one of the guards, So while he was looking after another lady I sat down and waited to see what he would say. What else could possibly be wrong? Perhaps he was an avid crows supporter as well and wanted a chat? He came to me and asked if he could check through it and I had nothing to hide, or did I? I didn't think so, so I told him sure, go for it. He checked all the compartments and when it came to the big pocket, I thought ok, no probs, I'm out of here.

Much to my disgust and horror, I had forgotten one little fact, something I had completely over looken, there was one more bag inside my backpack, a little green bag, that was given to me in hospital after the operation. This little bag is my fallback incase something happens, and travels with me, or should be with me most of the time. As soon as I had seen it taken out I knew I'd been sprung, inside was a pair of scissors, a curved pair, they were soon found and taken out of the bag and said I'd have to check the bag or hand in the scissors, I wasn't about to hand in these little beautys, so I said I'd check them, and headed back the way I'd come, they were handed back to me in plain sight and to tell the truth I felt a little guilty about holding them in plain sight.
I was soon over that and skipped the line and checked the backpack in minus my lil bag of snakes alive of course and a clive cussler novel to keep me company. A stop for donuts and the time was now gone and onto the plane

So I'm here in the Apple Isle, the flight down was pretty uneventful, a little turbulence, but nothing major.


The Kings said...

Chrish!!! Its a wonder they let you get on the plane! Lucky they didn't think you were up to anything with those scissors.

Simone Triffitt said...

And you so look like a terrorist!!!

Kieran Spilling said...

good to see you support the best team in the AFL!

yeah... up the crows!