Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kieran Got me Tagged

Mum and I at the Dixie Chicks. Looks like I was happy to be there, but Mum's got a choker hold on me. I was tired and not impressed to be there, but being the nice son I took her, so she was happy.
Two of my favourite people seeing me off on my mission. Pop and Nan Triffitt
Eden and I, I'm in blue. I'm told the tracksuits were stylish at the time. hmm
I made the dip and decided to buy a house in Colyton NSW.
Nicki, Jared, me, Eden and Lisa. Still in stylish tracksuit
Nicki and us boys at house in Dunorlan. Got to love the snow and how we didn't have to go to school because of it. Think it's only snowed like twice this far down in the time we've lived here.

Ok, it had to happen sometime, and today is the day, tag I'm it.

10 Years Ago

This was the year I turned 21, so traditionally it should have been a big bash for my birthday. Instead I was in sydney still serving in the north Misssion in my second year. I was suprised to find that a girl I had baptised was having a music recital and she wanted me to come, so I went along and having no idea, there was a suprise 21st birthday for me by her mum and the branch I was in. I had a greenie at this stage and after the party and we were gone I blew up at him about knowing about and how he knew. haha. oops, it was nice to have people care though.

I finished my mission in July then bludged around for a month or so and then went back to my old job on Uncle Kim's Dairy farm, got to love when there is relatives who can give you work.

Another great thing about the year is the Adelaide Crows won the AFL premiership for the second year running and this year. Aaron didn't have to get all the clippings from the papers and make me a scrap book and buy me the game this time as I was home to watch it.

5 years ago

Was a busy kind of time. Up till now I had worked for a freight company for 3 years but as a casual freight handler and this year my old boss had become boss of the truck drivers for the east section and wanted me to come across to help him fulltime instead of for about 8 hrs a day. There was a position opened up no-one wanted and I knew the area, so I said I'd do it if I got a brand new truck, and holidays when I wanted them. They had no problems with that, so I became fulltime.

I was living with Joel Christie in Cambridge Park NSW

This was the year I won the StClair Crows best and fairest and came 4th in the league best and fairest for Aussie rules. I was quite proud after only really playing since 2001 apart from a kick at the park with the lads.

I was also in love with Cassie Rance

5 Months Ago

Cant remember alot, I believe this was the time I came back from my 1st Tassie trip for the year, plus I'm sure I was working, or trying to between feeling like rubbish.

5 Things to Do Tomorrow

Read some Clive Cussler

Probably go and annoy Eden up at his buiding Site

Catch up with Nicki as she and the kids are coming to stay until Thursday as Big Alex is away in Victoria with work

Ring Ande and see how Dave is doing in China and get her to get him to get me some cheap knockoffs.

Relax :)

5 Bad Habits

I always have a pretty messy room

I chew my nails, I have been getting alot better at not doing it though

I ride and drive way fast, somehow I still have my license

I have to watch Home and Away

I like the wrong Girl/s

5 Places I Have Lived

Dunorlan, Tasmania

Deloraine, Tasmania

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Dubbo, New South Wales

Colyton, New South Wales

5 Things People Might Not Know

I applied to join the navy when I was in year 11

My parents were told to leave me in a disabled home when I was a kid and to forget they knew me

I would love to own 50 acres

I'm scared of rides at theme parks as when I was younger they had to stop the pirate ship at seaworld as I was screaming my guts out and bawling and since then, you will get me on dodgems only

I used to work in a video store


Anonymous said...

He really did like the good old Dixies,but will never admit to it. I had a fantastic time and was really grateful he took me, even though it took us about 1.5 hours to get out of the carpark. Wasn,t he a cute kid? Chrish's Mum.

Dan and Lou said...

We are living on the NSW central coast for the time being. Who knows where we'll end up next.
Saw you bought a place.... nice!
Take care,
Dan and Lou

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrish,
I think you told a lie when you said you'd only go on dodgems. I recall going on the Space Probe with you, on my last trip to Australia's Wonderland. By the way why isn't Lisa in her school uniform?

The Kings said...

I was too tough for my school uniform, Mum!!! :) Lovin' the tracksuits - they would actually be cool now. Cassie Rance hey!? Maybe you should start going for the RIGHT type of girls! ;D

Country/City Boy said...

Yep was in love with Cass for quite a few years.

Well I think they seem like nice girls at the time. haha.

As for the space probe, that was pretty gentle if I remember right