Tuesday, August 19, 2008

While Auntie Deidre is Away, Uncle Kim will Play

After Church on Sunday, I was kicking back and Mum and Dad was asleep and the phone rang, being half awake it was up to me to answer it, luckily I did it was for me, Uncle Kim was on the phone and invited me up for a Sunday roast with some other Young People as he put it. Good to see i'm still classed as young by some.

Well when I got there, running late as per usual (I blame the big long drive from our place, up the 100 metre road and then to their drive). there was a big roast and vegies being served up, I thought I was late but there were other people later than me. Uncle Kim had gone all out and invited Levi, Louise and Will, Laurie and Ben, as well as Crista and Tim as well as myself, so we had quite a tea party going on.

This is where my pic of Uncle kim
with his Roast would go if I had my cord
There was a lot of food, and Louise supplied a crumble and Crista a self saucing pudding, so we were well fed. Uncle Kim got to escape the dishes apart from the ones he had to put away as we didn't have a clue with the pans :)
We had quite a good night chatting away about anything and everything.
I have the proof on my phone Auntie Didge, you will have to make him cook more from now on.


The Kings said...

Chrish - I think you are having so much fun here you should stay a lot longer :D

Simone Triffitt said...

Gee i didn't know Kim could cook. Are you sure someone wasn't over earlier to prepare tea??