Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pre mothers day Brunch with the Kings

For mothers Day, Lisa and Aaron and the boys came out and brought with them a pre mothers day brunch of pancakes and we also ended up eating bacon, hmm one of my favourites for sure.

Mum had already started some from scratch, and Aaron had his tasteless, no gluten, no dairy type all to himself. I didn't wish I'd tried any of his.

Lisa had a little mishap when she shook the mixture really hard without the lid of, it was hilarious, I had to get the blogger in all her glory
Trying to tidy up as she had to visit the Horsmans and also had a church meeting to go to


The Kings said...

CHRISH!!!! I can't believe you have put me out there with pancake mix all over me for the whole world to see!!!! My poor cardigan is still getting over it!

Nettie's Blog said...

i think that is hilarious...good one Lisa...well done Chrish for being brave enough to blog Lisa in all her "no so" glory